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June 7, 2022


One thing is to have a business, another thing is to manage it. Most times some business established business run effectively just at the beginning of it and after some years or after the death of the owner, it folds up, but this shouldn’t be. A lot of business with good potential has come and gone because of a lack of management and proper planning. The ability for a business to remain in existence and keep its value in producing results of continuously satisfying people’s needs hinges on some marketing techniques and skills.

This page would take you through those techniques that generate long-lasting results for your business. Note, however, that there is no precise pattern to attain success in business, but it’s always preferable to start somewhere.


Business techniques are the processes involved in making out plans and executing them to offer a solution to the company’s needs and generate the best results for the business. Some of those business techniques are:

1. Business Process Modeling(BPM): This technique involves the evaluation of the difference between current and future business processes to see how the business is and where it is headed. This technique involves strategic planning, business modelling analysis, designing the process, and technical analysis.

2. MOST Analysis: Most stands for Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics. This technique allows analyzing the purpose of the business, what goals are achievable, and what processes and methods we can use in achieving the goals.

3. PESTLE Analysis: PESTLE is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. This is a broader technique that focuses on the outer challenges of the business and what strategy to eliminate its effect or adjust to it. The PESTLE technique allows the business team to decide on environmental factors that affect business. For instance, government policies, interest rates, population, new technology, etc.

4. SWOT Analysis: SWOT means Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. This technique allows a business to identify its strength as an opportunity and its weakness as a threat. This technique ensures business organization makes better decisions in utilizing their resources.
There are a lot of other techniques that business uses to generate results. But here are also a few things to know as regards yielding results in business.

Personnel: In business, there is a need for active personnel. Staff should know their duty and handle it effectively. More hands to carry out the work would make things effectively and efficiently done and also help save time and energy. Also, lots of dormant people for a little task are no help.
Resources: There must also be the proper use of resources to avoid waste or shortage. Machines used in companies should be properly maintained and cared for, and products should be available enough for consumers.

Management: Individuals occupying positions in an organization should be up and doing. They should ensure that the work is properly done, assign duty to workers and supervise the in-and outflow of the business. Business Assistants should be able to understand the business as much as the owner to ensure that the business goes on with it without the founder.


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