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June 7, 2022


Having a website is good, but having a website that standout is awesome. Recently, almost every business owns a website even though they do not have all it takes to remain, but yours can be different. You can make your website relevant amongst others by making sure you’re consistent in offering what viewers need but there is more, because if others also offer what viewers need, then there will be no difference in yours. Here are a few things to consider in having the website that gains the most attention:

1. Use an Attractive Website Design: Attractive Website Design creates the first impression. Whatever drives viewers to get in contact with a website and keep them there is usually the website design. The design of a website entails beautiful colours that align with the brand, a readable font style that describes the feeling you need for your brand, and organised template, and good visual elements.

2. Have a Memorable Domain name: What is the use of having a name that no one remembers? Another way to have that website on top of the chart is to have a domain name that comes to mind anytime someone searches for something. People do not have to know the full company name to search their website, that is why it would be preferable to use a shorter catch version of a company name for a website.

3. Offer something valuable: Nobody easily lets go of anything valuable, so start offering something people need and not just what they want. Important information keeps people engaged, thus your website should contain enough details that they find useful and interesting.

4. Be People-Friendly: Your website should not be some plain, boring page. We already worked people up and most of what they need is something that relates to them. At first instance, people skim a page until they get to where it involves them. People sometimes want to share, contribute or ask questions and a website that allows them to do that would certainly stand out.

5. Website should be mobile Friendly: over 80 per cent of individuals use mobile devices to browse more than they use a desktop. You don’t want to limit your website to only those who own a desktop and expect to stand out.

6. Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): This offers great help to the website in getting it visible to everyone. Without the SEO, those who you told about it would only see your website.

7. Add Blog: blogs are usually the first thing viewers go for before the website because it is quite simple and connect directly to a brand. Through the blog, you can direct the viewers to your website, which is a way to make it recognised.

8. Be consistent: This is usually to build trust and gain mastery with your website. Consistency is a key to keeping viewers tied to your website. There is a need to regularly update your website to keep it always on course. You certainly do not want to leave your viewers with outdated content because they always want what is new.


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