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June 7, 2022

In this digital age, there are lots of technological advancements in different work sectors. There is a large amount of the use of mobile devices containing apps that people use on a daily basis. With these increased numbers, there is a need for a business owner or marketer to devise means to leverage the use of applications and also those who have mobile apps for their e-commerce business. They must understand the ways to market the app, and this is through what is called the App Store Optimization (ASO) which can be a start to improving marketing activities.

For those who are completely new to ASO or those who want to know more about ASO and how important it is for marketing activities on the mobile app, here are some details:
It is important to note that ASO is an acronym for App Store Optimization. App Store Optimization can also be called Mobile App Optimization.
To understand what ASO means, we must distinguish it from SEO. Thus, while SEO means Search Engine Optimisation is to webpages (that is internet marketers use it to rank webpages higher in google search), ASO is to mobile apps (it helps increase application ranking on the App Store).
This simply refers to ASO as enhancing the ranking of an app on the app store to improve its visibility.
Importance of ASO for Mobile App
Having a mobile app without ASO is like lighting a fire without flames. ASO is the major reason the mobile app can be visible to everyone. When mobile apps are optimised and they become visible, it encourages more installation; it becomes relevant to online marketers who then see their usefulness.
Majorly, online marketers are those who should consider an app for marketing activities because nowadays apps are easily accessible to the audience through Google play store or apple store and this makes it important that an online marketer should have his mobile app optimised, so it’s visible to the relevant audience.
ASO most times involves knowing your customer’s target. The keywords people search for that may be like yours. The audience does not know the exact thing they’re looking for until they search, which means if your app comes alongside, there is a tendency that yours would be installed. This is another reason marketers need to maximize their use of apps to create awareness of their business and ASO automatically becomes mandatory for such mobile apps created or owned by online marketers carrying out marketing activities.
While using ASO, we consider certain things like the Keywords as earlier mentioned, using customer base keywords would help make the app visible to the audience in search… The Category where the app is placed is also important to make the app easily accessible to those who search by category, making the app rank higher. When apps are placed in the wrong category, the opposite of visibility happens. Also, there is a need to look out for positive reviews from the app users. This can help present the app as reliable and efficient.
The Description of an app can go a long way to attract attention. The way we describe an app can determine if they would install it. The description should be able to tell an audience how it can satisfy them and what difference it has from others.

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